Thursday, 29 March 2012

'The Surgeon' Trailer Final Cut

The Surgeon from St Marylebone Media Studies on Vimeo.

Final Website and Teaser Embed

Poster Mock-up and Photoshoot Plan - Change of Idea

I completed a mock-up and photoshoot plan for my poster before I had come up with a proper idea that I now have.

The mock-up was of a surgeon and for it to simply say 'The Surgeon' at the bottom. However, this was before I had done me research into other film posters and found out that other factors such as a billing box, actor's names etc needed to be present in order to be a conventional film poster. During the production process, things had changed and new ideas had sprung from other factors such as getting new props (like the surgeon-like tool and images of the female protagonist present in my poster) which then led me to my final poster.

The photoshoot plan was thus based on the ideas I had before my final one that I went for and are details of how I would've taken those images and edited them. However, I am more confident with the images I took for my final idea and went through the same process when thinking how to take the images and how to edit them also.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Surgeon poster third and FINAL FINAL draft

Although they were minor changes, I made a third draft for my film poster. I changed the details located at the top of the poster such as the actor's names, date line and film tag line to the same font as the film title on the poster (Urban Jungle).
I did this so it could match exactly with my film website. I initially thought that the font was too hard to read and wanted the details to be clear and legible but after testing the font out, I found it was easily readable once zoomed out and viewed at 100% - the typical view when looking at website. Therefore, I left the font in Urban Jungle so the entirety of the poster would match and to heighten the overall branding of all my productions.

In addition to this, I also moved the position of the website link and the film company logos: Dolby and THX so ensure they're all in line. I used the Grid Tool to help me do this.

The third and final draft of my poster can be seen below: